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New York City Directories

Dunkirk, New York

Year Repository

Call #

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1879 Brigham Young University

Fiche LH3534

1887/88 Family History Library
1889/90 Family History Library
1891/92 Family History Library
1896/97 Family History Library
1898/99 Family History Library
1900/01 Family History Library
1902-1907 Boston Public Library

1909-1915 Boston Public Library

1915 National Archives
1925 National Archives
1925 Boston Public Library

1930-1931 National Archives
1930/31 Boston Public Library

1935 National Archives
1935-1938 Boston Public Library

1938-1942 Library of Congress
1940-1951 Boston Public Library

1944-1959 Library of Congress
1953-1959 Boston Public Library

Undoubtedly, there are other city directories for this locality that are not listed here.  Our goal is to identify all city directories in all repositories.  If you would like to participate in identifying the listings of your local library, society, or archives, or if you know of any online transcriptions, please contact us.


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